WINNER: How Do You Say Goodnight?

1 year ago by Carlo Patrão

The judge's selected this video by Carlo Patrão as the winner of the Free Music Archive and Prelinger Archives remix contest. Notice how this entry turned the Prelinger footage into something completely new.


...when the world is whirring at such a fast pace? Scientific breakthroughs, feats of modern invention, and domestic wonders -- the relentless stimuli that animate waking life and permeate dreams are ever gaining momentum. A restless outer world pokes and prods and ultimately overtakes those who would try to rest. Enchanting, enthralling, frightening -- how do you possibly say goodnight? This video is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license as part of the remix contest "Past Re-imagined as the Future" hosted by the Free Music Archive ( and the Prelinger Archives (

The video contains elements from the following Prelinger Archive Films:

Accidents Don't Just Happen
According to Plan: The Story of Modern Sidewalls for the Homes of America (1952)
Agriculture 55
American Engineer (1956)
American Harvest (1955)
American Look (1958)
At The End of The Rainbow (1946)
Behind Your Radio Dial: The Story of NBC (1947)
Century 21 Calling (1964)
Dating: Do's and Don'ts (1949)
Facts About Film (1948)
Garden Wise (1950)
Grass: The Big Story
The Inside Story of Modern Gasoline (1946)
Journey Into the Light (1967)
The Kingdom of Plastics (1945)
Mother Goose Stories (1946)
Office Courtesy: Meeting the Public (1952)
Our Mr. Sun
Pipeline To The Clouds (1951)
Practical Dreamer (1957)
A Revolutionary New Triumph in Tape (1958)
Reactions in Plants and Animals
Safety: Harm Hides at Home
Saga of the Happy Wonders (1957)
Sign of Dependable Credit
Sleep for Health (1950)
Story Without End (1950)
The Big Bounce (1960)
The Five Mile Dream (1958)
The Front Line (1965)
The Refreshing Look
Technicolor for Industrial Films (1949)
This is Color
Thunderbolt Hunters (1941)
To Enrich Mankind (1955)
Hawaii's Spectacular Volcano Eruptions (1960s)
Wings For Doubting (1950s)
The Wonderful World (1959)
World At Your Call (1950)

and others...

Artist - Track - Album - Link

If, Bwana - Connecticut [Pogus/White Fungus Compilation,]

Dokaka - Mother Nation [Human Interface,]

Oferta Especial - Polska [Donde las Toman las Dan,]

Dave Phillips - A Drink on Spike Jones [Various Artists (Clinical Archives)]

Ergo Phizmiz - Symphonievum [Nose Points In Different Directions,]

Ant Neely - What this Country Needs [Not Fit For Human Consumption,]

ProleteR - May Flowers feat. Taskrok [Curses From The Past ,]

The Books - Scaledown [Sonic Doodads from Book Odds, the 2010 Third Coast ShortDocs challenge,]

The Bran Flakes - Oddio Overplay [Bubbles,]

Lee Rosevere - Germ of an Ideas [Music for MOBA,]

Lee Rosevere - Part of the System [Colourless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously, ]

Lee Rosevere - Aurora Borealis [Music for MOBA,]

Advent Chamber Orchestra - Corelli - Concerto Grosso, Op6 nº4 [Selections from the 2005-2006 Season,]

Negativland - It's All in Your Head (Part 2) [Live at the Bagdad Theater]

The Books - Eros Vibraphone [Sonic Doodads from Book Odds, the 2010 Third Coast ShortDocs challenge,]


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