I Link, Therefore I Am

1 year ago by GlobalismFilms

This short film was produced for two purposes - one, as a piece of coursework for the 'Theory and Practice of Interactive Media' module as part of my MA in Digital Media, and two, as a submission for the audio/video remix contest 'The Past Re-imagined as the Future'.

As a piece of coursework, it is intended to demonstrate an interaction with a couple of pieces of theory that relate to new media and the body. It is also aimed at demonstrating a different form of 'writing' than than traditional notion applied to an academic essay. As a remix contest submission, the film takes a couple of tracks from the Free Music Archive and clips from a handful of short films from the Prelinger Archive and creates something new with them all. The monochromatic style is inspired by old jazz LP covers. I searched for 'network' in the Prelinger section of the Internet Archive and came up with footage from shorts films commissioned by Bell and AT&T on the building of the American telephone network, along with material on telegraphs, radio and television - the old media networks on which the new media network of the Internet was partly built. This also neatly demonstrates the past being re-imagined as the future.

Full credits and references are give below:


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